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Welcome to Peace Corps Dominican Republic

Since 1962, approximately 4,500 Volunteers have provided development assistance to the people of the Dominican Republic. The Peace Corps enjoys support from the Dominican government and people. Volunteers and staff are committed to contributing to areas identified by the government and communities as priorities. Peace Corps in-country programming focuses on community business development, youth development, education, and health projects focusing on family wellness and HIV/AIDS awareness (prevention and care). Most volunteers also are active in youth and gender maturity and development activities. Volunteer service also greatly benefits America in developing future leaders. Many former DR Volunteers have reached a level of notoriety in the areas of public service (Former Sen. Chris Dodd, Congressman Joe  Kennedy,  Former PC Director Aaron Williams, and Astronaut, Joe Acaba are only a few of the best known Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in the DR.  


"Peace Corps Volunteers "serve," not "help." “Help” denotes a paternalistic idea that we know what is best. PCVs work with community partners to determine what should be done and how. Without their help PCVs cannot accomplish anything."

-Elizabeth Haight, 2012-2014