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Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic

New Media Added: International Day of Peace 2015 - Cuenca Alta Dominican Republic

Adrian Avila is a peace corps health volunteer placed in the rural agricultural region of San Juan. His project framework focuses on addressing issues of infant mortality, maternal mortality, teenage pregnancy, and malnutrition among community members and migrant workers; while also seeking to reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence in the region. His supplemental projects address some of the community's development concerns related to gender empowerment, educational opportunity, illiteracy, poverty, infrastructure, and the environment. The current video commemorates the 2015 International Day of Peace by chronicling the perceptions of his community members on how others can promote peace. 


"Peace Corps Volunteers "serve," not "help." “Help” denotes a paternalistic idea that we know what is best. PCVs work with community partners to determine what should be done and how. Without their help PCVs cannot accomplish anything."

-Elizabeth Haight, 2012-2014